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MADE IN USA - These quality handkerchiefs are made right here in the USA, supporting local American jobs

The HANK is a practical accessory that can be used to wipe a forehead on a hot day, to wipe a runny nose during cold season, to wrap up a snack for the road, to protect something fragile in your pocket, and a clean handkerchief can be offered to a lady to wipe her tears during a sad movie!

We’ve been doing this a while now. We made our first product back in 2010 and we’ve been making everything better ever since. We craft each product individually and care goes into every detail.

We hand select every fabric, trim, thread, and color that goes into a Freak Show product. We don’t use blanks- we’ve developed our own style and unique fits that folks have come to know and expect.

We make stuff we believe in


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